InfluencerThon Manifesto Basic Course for Super Busy Business Owners

Dreams, Manifestations, Goals, Action Plan

This course is specially created for Yogesh M. A.' students who had attended his offline training programs. 

We will give you special coupon code to enrol in this course. Simply contact us to join this course.

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Download InfluencerThon Journal

This Journal will help you to work on your business grocery. We have created 190+ points to build your business vision, dreams, plans and action. Using this manifestation Journal you can easily and effortlessly focus on many parts of your business system.

Download Sales Journal

You can grow faster if you have a successful sales system.

Using this sales Journal you can created your sales strategy more effective and build like minded persons & opportunity partners network. 

Yogesh M. A.

Digital Leadership Trainer 

Business owners needs constant motivations and inspiration to grow in business. They need to create various & innovative dreams,  they need to manifest your dreams and create goals and action plans to fulfil their dreams. This course will help you to create your manifesto.  

We will organise monthly live sessions to explore and brainstorm many ideas. Follow Yogesh M. A. on social media.

You can build your business easily and effortlessly if you have dreams & better plan.

What Makes Us Experts?

Varied areas of expertise

Skills in understanding of Wants and Needs

Corporate experience

Wide array of experience in engaging audience

Leading domain experts and Influencers as course instructors and mentors

Knowledge and Personal Experiences to Problem Solving

Experiential Learnings
For Super Busy Business Owners
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